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Trusted Professionals

Trusted Professionals

Verification of Legal Documents & Physical Location of Office/Branches. Adherence to Dealkare Service-level Agreement & Process is a must!

Reliable Service

Reliable Service

Use of Standard Packing Material & Trained Staff- packing/stacking crew. Licensed and Reliable Drivers. Insured Crew & Vehicles.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Customer Friendly Approach & Service Orientedness. Transparency, Honesty & Honouring the quoted price without deviation.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

It is said that quality has no price, but with DealKare you can get your things done at charges which are not only competitive but will also deliver maximum value for your money.

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2016-11-18 17:33:22.0
Aditya Kumar - Pune to Delhi NCR

Aditya Kumar

Used [Packers and Movers] - Pune to Delhi NCR

I planned to move from Pune to Delhi with my all household items next weeks because I want to settle their with my family. For the safe shifting, we need professional packers and movers, I selected DealKare Packers and Movers. They have given me proper response and packed the entire household items very proper manner. They are using best quality of packing materials for all the items. I was really pleased with them for such kind of response. They are updating me about my transit. The team delivered it at my door step as they committed. All the consignments are relocate at my new home as I expected. My family is also happy with DealKare Packers and Movers Team.

2016-11-18 17:32:05.0
Gaurav Sharma - Mathura to Greater Noida

Gaurav Sharma

Used [Packers and Movers] - Mathura to Greater Noida

Shifting one place to another place with all household items is not easy task because there are some of the precious items. My friend suggested me about the DealKare Packers and Movers. I follow the website and fulfil the enquiry form, I received a call from DealKare team before my expectation. They assured me about the safe and secure relocating in very reasonable cost. The packing team packed all the household items very carefully with the best quality of packing materials. Their packing process was excellent, I was very happy with this. They relocate all the consignment at my door step next day morning. All the items relocated by them very professionally without single damage. We are very happy with such kind of shifting services.

2016-11-18 17:30:02.0
Rohit Sahu - Pune to Delhi NCR

Rohit Sahu

Used [Packers and Movers] - Pune to Delhi NCR

It was my first shifting with DealKare Packers and Movers. The packing team showed professionalism on every packing step and packing process was amazing. They are packing, loading, transporting and relocating all the goods very carefully without any harm. They are very co-operative and give the value of every items and time. My whole household items reached at my new location safe and secure. Me and my family are very happy with the DealKare Packers and Movers team, they relocate me hassle free from Pune to Delhi NCR. I will refer my friends and relative for future assistance.

2016-11-18 17:26:40.0
Harikesh Vishwakarma - Haridwar to Gorakhapur

Harikesh Vishwakarma

Used [Packers and Movers] - Haridwar to Gorakhapur

I was little bit confused to take my vehicle, to shift it my home town from Haridwar to Gorakhapur. Someone advise me about the, I contact with the DealKare team. They assure me best shifting service with safe and secure. I would say I choose the perfect packers and movers as the management team was too cooperative and they relocate my car personally at my desire location. Good transporting service provide by the DealKare. My car has been reached my native land without zero-damaged. Packing team has great experience and they understand the value of goods. It was great shifting with

2016-11-18 17:23:15.0
Vikash Singh - Delhi To Agara, Uttar Pradesh

Vikash Singh

Used [Packers and Movers] - Delhi To Agara, Uttar Pradesh

DealKare have fulfilled my expectation with their fast and trusted relocating solution. They delivered my household items as they committed before shifting. The whole packing team are very passionate and aggressive. They are professional and good packing experience, they packed the entire goods in proper manner. DealKare Packers and Movers provide the best quality of packing materials. They have given me guaranteed for safety and secure of each products and I have received all the goods at my new location as they packed. I am really pleased with their excellent services.

2016-11-18 17:16:51.0
Swati Maheswari - Lucknow to Jalandhar, Punjab

Swati Maheswari

Used [Packers and Movers] - Lucknow to Jalandhar, Punjab

Shifting one place to another place with the household item, it is very difficult for defence person. I have face same problem many times with many packers and movers but this time I have selected DealKare Packers and Moves to relocating my all household items Lucknow to Jalandhar including my vehicle. The packing team are preforming well and packed all the items very carefully without any issue. They have well trend packers and movers. All the packing materials are very high quality and packing process is very professional. All the stuff is deliver at my door step before the committed time. All the team members are very efficient and reliable. The packers and movers are relocating all the consignments very reasonable cost. It was really hassle free shifting.

2016-11-17 21:11:06.0
Parimal Gupta - Gurgaon to Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Parimal Gupta

Used [Packers and Movers] - Gurgaon to Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

I would like to thanks for best relocating service provider, we have select the DealKare for shifting my household items from Gurgaon to Indirapuram. I need best service provider because I have a lot of crockery items and precious goods. All those items required security; DealKare team’s packed all the items properly without zero-damaged. The team members are loaded it properly and delivered it as they committed. They have relocated the entire consignments proper manner at my new location. DealKare have very professional’s packers and movers in its network team. I am appreciating the DealKare teams, they provide good service, which I required.

2016-11-17 21:04:59.0
Dinesh Kumar Prajapati - Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad To Noida

Dinesh Kumar Prajapati

Used [Packers and Movers] - Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad To Noida

I and my all family members are very happy with the Dealkare because they have provided hassle free shifting service. I would like to thanks to all the team members of DealKare, they have relocate my all household items very careful, without any issue. The team were always connected with me till the delivery. The team have excellent knowledge of packing and relocating. All the consignments are relocating my desire location as they previously. DealKare is one of the best Packers and Movers in NCR.

2016-11-17 20:46:57.0
RPS Tomar - Delhi to Ghaziabad

RPS Tomar

Used [Packers and Movers] - Delhi to Ghaziabad

I would like to share my feedback about the DealKare packers and movers service providers. It is really best service provider in time service, best packing materials, good packing staff and excellent relocating solution. I am really happy with, they have relocated my house and daily use items at the new location with safe and secure. All the packing, unloading and relocating members are well trend and good working experience. They understand the value of money and time, relocate all the items without any damage. I am really appreciating all the team of DealKare.

2016-11-17 20:39:10.0
Gaurav Manglik - Delhi To Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad

Gaurav Manglik

Used [Packers and Movers] - Delhi To Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad

I am really pleased with and their relocating services. The team are follow up and updating all the information until the delivery. DealKare is one of the best relocating industry because they have experience professional packing team. They are packing all the items with best quality of packing materials and follow the zero-damage policy. I will really suggest DealKare Packers and Movers to my friends, relatives and other.

2016-11-16 19:29:21.0
Arvind Gautam - Mathura to Crossing Republik

Arvind Gautam

Used [Packers and Movers] - Mathura to Crossing Republik

It was great experience with DealKare Team. They are really providing best shifting services. I am relocating many times but this time amazingly shifting all my house hold consignments at my desire location with safe and secure. The packing team packed all the goods very carefully without zero-damaged. I am very thankful DealKare, for hassle free shifting. All the team members performing well starting to end. All the items were relocated in proper manner at my new home without single issue. My family members are also happy with the excellent shifting. So, I will refer my friends, relatives to DealKare for relocating services.

2016-11-16 19:23:55.0
Hermb Pandey - Bhopal to Delhi

Hermb Pandey

Used [Packers and Movers] - Bhopal to Delhi

I am really happy with the services of DealKare, one of the best relocating service providers. I have connected with DealKare via Google search. I have shifting first time Bhopal to Delhi via DealKare. Every one performing well to packing, loading and relocating at my door step. All the items were packing with best quality of materials and loaded it in proper manner. They are informing me updated information regarding the transit. All the household items are delivering at my desire locating before given time. Everything was relocating as they packing previously. Really it was hassle free relocating as they committed me.

2016-10-14 20:53:39.0
Shilpi Singh - Bangalore from Gurgaon

Shilpi Singh

Used [Packers and Movers] - Bangalore from Gurgaon

As the name says, Dealkare, Actually they discount all your hassles free relocation. I had to relocate to Bangalore from Gurgaon and in short notice, the Dealkare team made a dashboard for me, there was everything mention on dashboard such as carrying all options, delivery schedules, prices, customer rating and user experience as well. During the process of delivery, the team always in touch and keeps pushing the vendor and transporter towards the targets proposed in the quotation. Without them, I can't imagine such kind of relocating. I have saved a large amount to relocate via Dealkare team, this was outside the intangible savings.

2016-10-14 20:48:39.0
Manish Saran - Noida to Ghaziabad

Manish Saran

Used [Packers and Movers] - Noida to Ghaziabad

I would like to thank you and your team for shifting my household items and taking off all the stress and hassles fee relocating that one goes through while moving from one city to other. When I planed to shifting from Noida to Ghaziabad. I was really in tension but you guys are rocking! giving me proper response about the delivery. The way of packing every item properly and prepared the complete list of items for easy tracking was near immaculate. All the goods arrived on my door step in excellent condition and within a week (before given time). It was really excellent shifting by Dealkare team.